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Tammy Swinette, sniffing the air and praying for plums to fall down to her reach.

Photos and products are added regularly to the site.  Keep checking in and see what new products you can get from the Hairy Farmpit Girls!

5 Replies to “Shop your favorite Hairy Farmpit Girls products now!”

  1. What is the soap called for your hair. And also the shower scrub I think the last one I got was called Sugar something. Thanks

  2. I’ve gotten your products before but at a show. What is the name of the soap fir your hair. And the shower scrub I believe the one I got was Sugar something. Thanks

    1. We call our soap for your hair “Hair Soap” and we carry many varieties and often are adding new ones as we love to change things up a bit! As for the scrub, that would be our sugar scrubs. We used to make those but we have been trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our products and have eliminated sugar scrubs from our offerings.

    1. Not any time soon. We have yet to figure out a good conditioner bar with ingredients that we agree with. But if we do, you know we will post about it on social media so make sure to follow along!

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