Basil had a baby!

Whew…so it has been a day but our goat doula job is over! Basil and her baby are doing amazing! We have a friend, Valarie, who has been desperately wanting a little doe from us and somehow Basil seemed to know her schedule. As Basil started getting more and more frequent contractions, Valarie was able to make her way out to our house just in time to watch her little girl be born.

Basil was very clingy leading up to this birth and I found myself taking a few naps curled up with her in the birthing pen. I woke up to find Basil nursing herself, which I had totally forgotten that she drives me mad with that stuff (she has been known to develop a taste for her own milk and will nurse herself all the time).

Today was also extra special for us, as it is one of our favorite people’s birthdays! My Gemini twin, sister from another mister, Christina Joy, has always been super close to Basil. She has been bonded with her since we got Basil when she was just a baby and she is always coming to visit, sometimes just to see her girl. Christina is magical and is over in Tanzania for the summer, working on her thesis. We have been video chatting off and on, letting her soothe Basil during her time of need.

Christina had asked Basil to hold off 2 days so they could share a birthday, and while Basil never listens to what we ask her to do, she managed to listen to her Christina. It is only fitting that we name this baby after her, so, without further ado, meet baby Christina Baaaguilera! Happy birthday to our favorite Christinas! (It’s 2 a.m. in Tanzania right now so Christina has no clue any of this has happened.)

As promised, we are knocking our Mystery Bundles down for the rest of the day. Sale ends at midnight EST and no coupon is needed. As we had really thought Basil would have at least twins, and we had told ya’ll that we would knock 5% off per kid born today, we are going to double it because she just had a single. So head over to and get 10% off mystery bundles before they sell out!

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